Kidney Care

Myth : All kidney diseases are serious and incurable Fact : Most kidney diseases are treatable. Some are self-limiting and occur only once in a lifetime. Some progress towards renal failure but this progression can be slowed down if the disease is detected early. Even in late cases, treatment may
Water Balance Life on earth began in water. Water is the largest molecular constituent of the body. It makes up for about 60% of the total body weight in males and 55% in females. It provides a medium for metabolic functions in the body. Enzymatic reactions occur in aqueous media.
Kidney Biopsy Kidney Biopsy is a procedure in which a very tiny piece of the kidney is removed for examination under a microscope for diagnosis of the kidney disease. It may also inform us about prognosis (future course ) of the disease, severity of disease and suggest ways of treatment.
Drugs and Kidney Medicines are thrown out of the body either by the liver or the kidneys. These medicines may undergo alteration in the body called drug metabolism. The resulting products are drug metabolites. Water soluble drugs or metabolites often get excreted by kidneys. Mechanism of drug toxicity: As the
Calories: A normal person requires 35 kcal/kg body weight /day. If undernourished about 500 more calories and if obese 500 less calories are adjusted from the daily requirement. Proteins: Usual adult requirement is 1g/kg /day. In case of chronic kidney disease about .8 gm/kg/day is recommended. Patients on dialysis require